Building the biQuad

We did not get as good a result as we expected from this, though it still isn't a bad antenna. Our build actually had an error in it. The squares should have been distorted into a rhombus, so that the long diagonal is about 1.3:1 that of the other. If the quads remain square, then the antenna has too high an impedance. Distorting the squares, drops this to 50 ohms.

Free Space
Side Length mm
Long Diagonal mm
Short Diagonal mm
Offset from reflector mm
Reflector height mm (Minimum)
Reflector Width mm (Minimum)
The size of the reflector and its distance from the active element affect the feed impedance. The ARRL handbook says there should be a 1/4 wavelength edge beyond the active element.

Misc Notes

From the front (vertically polarized). From the Back Looking down on it when it is aligned for horizontal polarization (i.e. the diamonds are vertical)

This one is a test version spaced 1/4 wavelength off of the relector.